Safety Tips for PMD Users

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Safety Tips for PMD Users

By Andy Wee, CEO – Easy Zippy Pte Ltd

With the increasing popularity of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), it is important for users to understand that they are using a high powered device which can result in injury or even death if not used properly. Here are 6 safety tips for PMD users to take note:
  1. Check your equipment is in the right working condition before moving off. The key items are Brakes, Tires, Lights and Battery Status.
  1. Do not SPEED (15 km/h on pavements and 25 km/h on PCNs), moving at high speed reduces your reaction time and ability to anticipate any hazards.
  1. NEVER ride on the road, it is not meant for PMD users.
  1. Avoid riding in wet weather ground conditions or when it is raining, it can get very slippery especially when going over the drain covers.
  1. When approaching blind spots such shop entrances or side corridors, always slow down and be prepared to stop.
  1. Dismount and push your PMD at road, zebra crossings and areas with a lot of pedestrians. As a safety rule, keep a distance of 1 m from any walking pedestrian and always give way to them.

Enjoy the shared paths with our fellow Singaporeans!

Safety is our responsibility!