Courtesy a la PMD

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Courtesy a la PMD

Felix Lee – a business mentor who rides an e-scooter, bike and owns a car |

Gone are the pushcarts on the roads, and electric is in. Heck, it won’t be long before kinetics are displaced by aerodynamic solar helmets which we don to get that extra kick out of our scooter, bike or hoverboard. But here’s the thing. Everyone was once new to balancing on a moving object, begging the world to forgive our novice teetering, scrapes, and crashes. Yeah, into people as well.
Fast forward a couple of years and we zoom down roads and pavements with impunity. We forget this vehicle is powered, enhanced for speed but less for manoeuvrability [remember Newton’s first Law?] but people aren’t wearing body armour. Given that Moore’s Law of power doubling  every 2 years, any collision we cause will either have 2 outcomes, both unpleasant, and possibly terminal.
Let’s presume that if new riders [cyclists, scootists, blah blah] take a few simple precautions with heart on sleeve, we probably won’t even know they’re new to riding when see them out there loving that feeling of newfound freedom. Commuting on a PMD does not need to be inconvenient or dangerous, which applies also to the pedestrians and general population that you share air with.
Personally, I absolutely abhor lone rangers who flaunt basic rules. All we need is a Stomper with a phone cam catching a guy zooming amongst cars, with no lights on after 7, crisscrossing traffic lights to pavement, then back onto the road at speed, swerving around people at the bus stop who are alighting from the bus. Add complaint with video evidence is all it takes to rewrite the rules.
I mean, hasn’t he been supervised on that tricycle at the Road Safety Park? Maybe all riders need to have a compulsory session with Highway Code to understand how the rest of the world works? [humming that Crosby, Stills & Nash tune… You, who are on the road. Must have a code that you can live by. And so, become yourself…]. Here are a few wisdoms to play in your mind when you are breezing by on your wheels:-
  • Never run with a sharp object in hand. Your momma hammered that into you for a reason!
  • Weaving around people and vehicles is gonna cause a jam [like the one when the police are retrieving a body], so take that risk on your own, away from the rest of us.
  • Do not ride side by side. If you think that makes for a cosy date, one of you might clip the other, and you can spend the year in a cast. Broken teeth are pretty common, by the way.
  • Riding against the traffic is not hip. However, you get to see the vehicle hit you, and you get to fly in slow mo, as your life flashes past you. You’d wish you had taken the bus then.
  • Practice dismounting or feet standing, and be really good at it. Show us how you do it with class, as you brake to a halt, and sweep out your sexy legs astride your ride.
  • Riding with headphones on, is gonna get you the middle finger. You might also see stars during daytime. If you really must get phone instructions, stick it in one ear.
  • Give way. Give way. Give way. If you do not have a bell, pretend you are R2D2 or the road runner.
  • Keep your radar on. Yeah, you have 2 eyes and 2 ears plus the other 4 senses. Use them or lose them.
  • Red lights are red and stop applies to everyone. Running red lights can be fun if you don’t mind the consequences. By that time, fu n would have totally dark meaning if you get my drift.
  • No sudden moves, please. Repeat after me, Newton’s First Law of Motion is…
  • Pillion riding means you hold both lives in your hand. Even if you get hit for no reason at all, and you win the court case, you still lose.
  • Stick to the left. When in doubt, repeat that. In a crunch, brake and dismount.
  • Portholes are not trick stunts you want to try humping out of. A loose piece of concrete will let you experience the life of a crash test dummy.
  • Dress for the deed. It may rain. It may haze. Safety glasses keep dust out, and a backpack is way safer than trying to balance your packet lunch and kopi kao. Clips for pants, and cool tees you can change into. Who says you can’t be fashionable.
  • Failure to obey your common sense puts all riders in collective, at risk. Doing so may result in a ban, and that means every one of us has to take the rap, too.


Conclusions? There are none. For you are the alpha and omega of your own life. If you place it at risk, remember that your epitaph might read something stupid.
These may not be the best advice ever ridden for PMDs, but neither is sense common.
NOTE:  PMD or personal mobility devices refers to [electric and non-powered] bikes, scooters, skate or hoverboards, and stuff that you can get around with, generally with wheels ;-p