Courtesy a la PMD

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Courtesy a la PMD Felix Lee – a business mentor who rides an e-scooter, bike and owns a car | Gone are the pushcarts on the roads, and electric is in. Heck, it won’t be long before kinetics are displaced by aerodynamic solar helmets which we don to get that extra kick out of […]

Safety Tips for PMD Users

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Safety Tips for PMD Users By Andy Wee, CEO – Easy Zippy Pte Ltd With the increasing popularity of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs), it is important for users to understand that they are using a high powered device which can result in injury or even death if not used properly. Here are 6 safety tips […]

Welcome to Easy Zippy

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Easy Zippy is a developer of personal mobility electric vehicles. We enable a highly portability and connected person electric vehicle allowing a smart transportation solution. Unlike our competitors, we use innovative composite plastic materials resulting in our personal electric vehicles being 30% lighter. In addition, we provide a smart connected solution rather than just pure […]